What does it take to make everyday a play date with Spirit? Very simply, to travel light with what you love in the company of Imagination and Spontaneity. It’s hardly easy. Everything around you clammers for results while your ego hungers for recognition. That’s why play is a practice—the practice of Improvisation. Call it Life without a script and definitely without an agenda. Kind of scary—like swinging off a cliff over an abyss. But, what a ride into the open, unbounded spaces of possibilities! So, here’s a gift for the New Year … a daily ritual to start the day and begin again anytime during the day with an invitation to play.


Take a moment.
Take a breath.
Give praise.
Be still.
Center and clear.
Be silent.
Listen for the voices of traveling companions.
Surrender to the Muses and Whimsies.
Go forth with kindness.
Keep watch for the luminous.
Welcome the unexpected.
Expect joy.
Give praise.
Repeat as needed.

  • Photo of Gutsy Gal Pal, Margie Carroll, swinging high, high, high over the jungles of Ecuador!