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This week we celebrate Gutsy Gal.
You won’t find her on any official calendar
of any official religion or otherwise 
unofficial, underground circles or covens.
Search the canons of mythology and theology,
and you’ll find a lot of Feisty Fionas 
but no Gutsy Gal.
You’re looking in all the wrong places.

Take a good look at the woman in the mirror
(with all those merry wrinkles of time well spent!)
Give her a wink.
You’ve just found Gutsy Gal.

Now that you have found one Gutsy Gal,
how about another one?
Gutsy Gal is everywhere.
As soon as you see her in the mirror
you start seeing her all the time…

She is usually perched on the edge ——   
Just about to leap. 
Just about to rise …
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The woman in the wheelchair at the gym 
who crawls to the edge of the pool
and plunges in with giggles of delight.

The woman on the edge of unbearable sadness
who dares to leave a marriage in her wisdom years
‘cause, come hell or high water,
she’s going out with a jig in her heart!

The woman who loves her hubby to death
as she walks him right to the edge of his wonderful life.

The woman brought to the edge of despair
who finally says, 
“Help me out of here”
and is surprised by kindness.

The woman at the edge of her hesitation
who cartwheels off the precipice of fear
into the fullness of being alive.

The young girl at edge of womanhood
who finds her voice
so that we might find our courage.
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All the women who meet us at the edge of our consciousness
and escorts us into the sanctum of our holy of holies …
and every woman who goes there.
The woman who tells the stories.
The woman who midwives the change.
The woman who heals the only human with open arms to the simply divine.
The woman who meets the stranger with an open heart.
The woman who welcomes the stranger into her own heart.
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The woman who stands on the edge
and dances and sings and laughs
in the midst of it all
because she must!

Should you be so fortunate 
to cross the path of Gutsy Gal
(who sometimes leaves her hat
bow deeply to the light in her
that shines in you. 


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Blessed be!
Mary Byrne Hoffmann – April 2018