I have been with you always.

I am the Sweet and Tempestuous Waters of Life.

I am the Fertile Darkness.

I am the Unfathomable Deep.

I am the Unbounded Stillness.

I am the Ineffable Silence.

I am the Portal to Surrender.

I am the Mystery that beckons.

I am the Bountiful that nourishes.

I am the Beauty that renews all things.

I am the Eternal-Womb that births all Being.

In the beginning, 

I lay down and wrapped my arms around the earth. 

My waters seeped through the earth and oozed out of the earth

 and covered the face of the earth. 

I, the Great Mother Earth.

 looked upon the Heavens and longed for the vastness 

just as the Heavens longed for the depths.

In the darkness, we called out to one another

and the Heavens descended as I rose to embrace my companion.

The Heavens arched his back.

 I cupped my belly.

Together we formed a womb 

to hold the thousands and thousands of shimmering lights 

ignited by the fire of our union. 

And we breathed into the lights. 

And there was Life.

Each light, a soul. 

Each soul, a mystery.

Each mystery, a longing 

to return to the embrace of Heaven and Earth.

I am Gaia, Mother Earth.

I am Mara, Goddess of the Seas.

I am Miriam, High Priestess of the Waters.

I am Mary, Queen of Heaven. 

I am there at the womb of all your birthings.

I am there at the cross of all your dyings.

I am there at the tomb of all your risings.

I am with you always.

~ Marybyrne Hoffmann ~