Wednesday morning, I stood on Sunset Cliffs
overlooking the subdued Pacific Ocean
underneath a starry sky
and witnessed the exquisite majesty of the human spirit.

In the shadow of the lunar eclipse,
silhouettettes of humans in silent anticipation and adoration of Mystery unfolding
mirrored what was happening in the heavens.
As one, every particle of Being made of flesh and blood,
sand and stone,
fire, water, water, earth and air
vibrated with the consciousness of Beauty
and whispered that all shall be well.

Comes the dawn and the return to ordinary time —
commuter traffic, morning news, the reminder of the moral eclipse
that is shadowing our sense of nation and people.
But the whisper lingers in hopeful and resolute hearts.
The insistence of Beauty beckons us through the darkness of this time
with the memory of who we are –
Manifestations of a Mystery.
Co-creators of Glory,
Embodiments of Relentless Beauty.

May it be so.