This we know — the coming year will bring breath-taking adventures, unimagined joys, perhaps unannounced sorrows, always laughter, surprise at every bend in the road, wonder all around and a few well-earned life lessons (’cause we ain’t dead yet!).

Yet what will remain is the constant impulse of our souls to seek solace in spiritual practice to embrace, without fear and in deepening trust, whatever and whoever crosses our paths on the way to being fully alive.

This meditation was a gift to me by my pilgrim friend, Tom Owen-Towle. On the feast of the Epiphany, I pass it on as a gift to honor your light.

Imagine this simple breathing meditation as dance of body and soul in rhythm with your intention to accept, surrender and invite all that needs to held, released and welcomed in the year ahead.

(Inhale. Allow the breath to fill your body.)

Let it be.

(Release the breath tenderly.)

Let it go.

(Breath in gently.)

Let it come.

(Inhale and rest.)