Oh, the beauty of living long enough to shake the awful dreads and shimmer with the delicious delights!

If I Wasn’t Afraid

If I wasn’t afraid,
I would fly to Nepal
and climbing the Himalayas
wouldn’t scare me at all.

I would swim in the ocean
when it’s creepy and dark
and not give a thought
to that ole Amityville shark.

Or walk deep in the woods
with nary a care
of running into
lions, tigers or bears.

I’d dangle my feet
over the edge of the bed
and say “Phooey” to the monster
of my very worst dread.

I’d pack up my bags
and roam, roam, roam
or perhaps just stay put
and feel quite at home.

I would say “I love you”
to everyone much more
and not be afraid
of opening that door.

I‘d go out dancing
at least once a week
for a little boogie-woogie
and some cheek-to-cheek.

I would kayak down river
and be one with the flow
and sing “Alleluias!”
Oh! the places I’d go.

I’d wake up each morning
welcoming the day
as yet another chance
to get out of my way.

I would take my worst fears
off their dusty old shelf
and finally, gratefully,
be truly my self.

~ Mary Byrne Hoffmann ~