On Being: How Change Happens

Some heartening and timely excerpts from an interview with actress-activist, America Ferrera and international peacebuilder, Jean Paul Lederach. (See link to full interview below.)

“Our discomfort and our grappling is not a sign of failure,” America Ferrera says, “it’s a sign that we’re living at the edge of our imaginations.”

“What if this is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb, and America is a country waiting to be birthed, and we are being called to breathe and to push?” (quote from Valerie Kaur, founder of Radical Love)

The interview was conducted from Kristen Tippet, the award-winning journalist and host of the PBS weekly radio program, On Being, which creates awareness and awakens consciousness about the spirituality of being human in these times.