The Celtic Sun Goodess, Aine, 

Guardian of Tír na nÓg 

Land of the Forever Young

a sanctuary of beauty, health, abundance and joy

on the Other Side of Distraction —

bids you to be still with the solstice sun 

and know that you were born to 

wander into wonder 

and frolic in the 

Wilds of Divine Imagination


And so we open that door 

with this greeting …


Creator Spirit,

Delight and Astound me.

Make me an instrument of your play.

Where there is burden of self,

    let there be kindness.

Where there is resentment, 

   let there be gratitude.

Where there is fear,

   let there be longing.

Where there is hesitation,

   let there be spontaneity.

And where there is failure,

   let there be the forgiveness of laughter.


O’ Divine Imagination, 

breathe through me so that

   I may seek to let go rather than to hold on;

To welcome rather than to withdraw;

   To hear rather than to be heard;

To see rather than to be seen;

  To be joy rather than to be happy.

For it is in loving with abandon

   that we re-create the world;

It is dying to our fears,

   that we return to your Presence.

And it is in leaping into your Gracious Spaciousness

   that we are lifted joyfully 

into in the fullness of our being. Amen.


Merry Solstice!

Merry Summer!

Merry, Merry!

The message of this holy card – play – may seem out of place and sync with the suffering of parents and children separated at the border. May I add this reflection …

We have to play for the children who cannot play because they are locked up in detention centres and locked into the immeasurable sadness of being wrenched from their parents.

We have to play with our imagination and the possibilities of unloosening the chains that bind the children and the soul of our country.

We have to play with our spirits so that they do not weary from the struggle of staying alive and engaged and hopeful for we must be there for children.

We have to play to release the alleluia that all will be well … and then do what we must to be there. 


Bows to St. Francis of Assisi, who lent me his prayer, “Make me And Instrument of your Peace” to play with … 

and to Chris Monroe who passed on her wonderful morning greeting, 

“Creator Spirit, delight and astound me.”


Should you wish to pass on or use any part of the holy card, please feel free to do so. 

All I ask is that you attribute the work to me as the author. 

Thank you.