So many ways to vagabond. My favourite is just to wander into the wonder of the day. I started doing this at the beginning of 2018. Drifting for some part of the day away from the particulars and into the vastness. Standing still in that big place, steadying the camera, taking a breath, savoring the moment, the mystery, the magic. Watching pelicans. Smelling a rose at our perpetually blooming rose garden in Balboa Park. Getting really lucky and spying a chrysalis hanging from a leaf waiting for the right time to emerge gloriously winged and eager for flight. Every wonder sparked a memory of another world waiting not at the edge of this one but pulsing within, always there, a shared mystery that can, at any time, put things in perspective, right our sense of floundering, center us in the knowing that we, too, are wonder filled.  And so, in this post and more to come, I share some of those moments with you …


Just one whiff! 

that’s all it took 

to swoon 

— whoosh! — 

into the scent 

of a summer rose 

and the long ago of 

creamsicles and hot dog stands

sprinklers and rainbows

fireworks and fireflies

first light to star bright

making it up as we went along

romping between rose gardens 

and rock gardens 

and the lovely, thorny beauty

of being a kid.

~June 2018~