In the old religions of earth consciousness, the Goddess emerges from the earth on March 25 to imbue all creation with her regenerative spirit.

When Christianity began its purge of “pagans” across Europe it co-opted the Day of the Return of the Goddess and renamed it the Feast of the Annunciation.

Not to worry. Turns out that you can take the Goddess away from the people but you can’t take the people away from the Goddess. Call it the Return of the Goddess or call it the Annunciation, the story remains the same and announces itself over and over again.

The Return of the Goddess (Celtic)

In the beginning, there was the Womb.
Every Spring, the Womb that carries the seed
through the long and bitter Winter
lies down under the Great Sky
and heaves and breathes and releases
great winds of change that sweep over the earth
and gentle rains that thaw the frozen land
and the light touch of anticipation that awakens our hearts.
Satisfied that all of Creation is in tune with her song,
the Womb opens up with howls of delirium and delight
to call forth life again,
to birth the manifestations of her loveliness.
And so, the Mother Earth Goddess returns!

The Annunciation (Christian)

Many, many years ago, a young girl named Mary
was drawing water from the well not far from her home in Nazareth
musing about the good fortune of being betrothed to a good man
with whom she would bear many children
in homage to all the women ancestors who had shaped her destiny
when she sensed a faint movement at her feet—-
a soft, whirling wind that gently kicked up her skirts
and spiraled upwards to breath into her Womb.

And the Wind had a voice
“Do not be afraid,
For you have found favor with the Great Spirit.
You shall bear the Seed of New Life in your Womb
and Seed shall sow the way for all who seek the Light
and the fruit of your labor will bless all creation for generations.”

How could this be?
Mary looked down into the well
and filled the well with a tear for every dream that was
blowing away in the Wind
And the Wind breathed into her hallowed belly
and planted the Seed of New Life
and Mary surrendered her Womb to the Rebirthing of Creation.
And so, the Mother Earth Goddess returns!

In this holy week of spring.
Find your wells.
Empty yourself of ideas and plans and dreams
that are no longer life affirming.
Wait for the Wind.
Do not be afraid.
Receive the Seed of New Life –
A New Way of Seeing.
A New Way of Being.
Be the Womb of Creation.
Birth the Impossible Miraculous.
And so, the Mother Earth Goddess returns!