Summer Solstice 

The Celtic Sun Goodess, Aine,
Guardian of Tír na nÓg
Land of the Forever Young
a sanctuary of beauty, health, abundance and joy
on the Other Side of distraction
bids you to be still with the solstice sun
and know that you were born to
frolic in the
Wilds of Divine Imagination

Creator Spirit,
Delight and Astound me.
Make me an instrument of your play.
Where there is burden of self,
let there be kindness.
Where there is resentment,
let there be gratitude.
Where there is fear,
let there be longing.
Where there is hesitation,
let there be spontaneity.
And where there is failure,
let there be the forgiveness of laughter.

O’ Divine Imagination,
breathe through me so that
I may seek to let go rather than to hold on;
To welcome rather than to withdraw;
To hear rather than to be heard;
To see rather than to be seen;
To be joy rather than to be happy.
For it is in loving with abandon
that we re-create the world;
It is dying to our fears,
that we return to your Presence.
And it is in leaping into your Gracious Spaciousness
that we are lifted joyfully
into in the fullness of our being. Amen.

Merry Solstice!
Merry Summer!
Merry, Merry!

Bows to St. Francis of Assisi, who lent me his prayer, “Make me And Instrument of your Peace” to play with. And to Chris Monroe who passed on her wonderful morning greeting,
“Creator Spirit, delight and astound me.”