February 29

And so the story goes …
(a delicious one, indeed!)
that Lilith, the first Woman,
was kicked out of Paradise
(you won’t find this one in the Good Book)
for refusing to submit to her hubby, Adam
(actually, for refusing to let him get on top of her!).
And ever since then,
it has been All about Eve
(who didn’t fare too well as trophy wife #2 
but at least now we have someone to blame… for everything!)

Lilith never went away.
She was just put away —
dismissed as a demon, a vixen, a shrew
shackled all these thousands of years
to our worst fears about being woman.

You may have heard her rattle those chains
when you spoke your truth and were silenced.
When you strutted your stuff and were somehow told
“Who do you think you are!”
When you were dismissed as being “too emotional.”
When you were passed up for a position because,
god knows, a woman can’t be on top!

If there was ever a time to
loosen Lilith’s chains
it is right now!
Our public discourse is maligned with the vitriol
of people on top
who wield fear like a weapon
to keep folks of all genders, races, classes on the bottom —
Impoverished in mind, body and spirit.
Marginalized from power.
Imprisoned in ideologies.
Stripped of imagination.

Do the world a favor.
Free Lilith.
Break the silence.
Stand Up.
Speak Up.
Be Bold.
Be Bodacious.
Risk getting kicked out of Paradise.
Open your heart and embrace the other
that the loud mouths would have you fear.

Walk side by side to plant the seeds
of stories that too few are willing to till …
About equality.
About partnership.
About cooperation.
About compassion.
About kindness.
About courage.
About hope.
About peace.
Take back the Garden!

Blessed Be, Sisters!
(and all you brothers out there, too!)