Aborigine Goddess of Restoration, Creativity and Beauty

Many, many breaths ago,
Nungeena, the beloved Mother of Beauty,
restored the earth after it was destroyed by insects sent by an evil spirit.

She called upon her friends —
the beautiful lyre birds and the majestic magpies —
to devour the insects and renew the beauty of the earth.

In her honor
and because the insects have once again been let loose,
seek out and create beauty whevever you are.

Glitter with the sun rise.
Take out the canvass of your day and get colorful.
Let the poetry of your life find expression.
Sing that song that has been playing over and over again in your soul
and sing it out loud! 
Look kindly into another’s eyes
and be delighted.
Oh, for heaven’s sake and for the sanity of our world
get giddy!

Twinkle in twilight.
Be still and wonder at the delicacy of a fingernail moon.
Tuck your fears and hopes into sweet dreams.

Find beauty where there appears to be none
and leave it there as a blessing.
Know you have restored the earth
and humbly put a feather in your cap.

Blessed be!

~Mary Byrne Hoffman~