Meet the Weavers: Maureen Hagan. M.S.W.

The Weavers are holistic practioners who interweave the threads of traditional religions, new spiritualities and wellness practices to create a beautifully woven, brilliantly coloured, multi-textured big tent to house the diverse communities of people seeking wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

Maureen Hagan, LSW: Walking the Labyrinth Roselle, NJ
On paper, Maureen Hagan, is a licensed social worker. In practice, she is a spiritual midwife who ushers individuals and communities into deeper and often unexpected communion with the Divine Spirit of Love that she unflinchingly believes resides in all of us.

Over many years, Maureen has brought this ministry of love to those she serves. To the students and faculty at Roselle Catholic High School in Roselle, NJ where she was Director of Campus Ministry for 16 years. To the greater communities of the Marist Brothers Province of USA where she is currently the Director of Adult Formation To the large and small gatherings of women who she has accompanied and encouraged through maidenhood, motherhood and into cronedom. To the people who are homeless and hungry and detained whom she serves quietly. To her family and friends for whom she is present through all of life’s challenging and celebratory moments.

Symbolizing Maureen’s constant and faithful journey to Love at the centre of all seeking is the labyrinth. She began walking the labyrinth with her young children in New Jersey. As a campus minister, she introduced the labyrinth to high school students with the purchase of a portable canvas labyrinth.

In 2008, with the muscle and the dedication of students, faculty and parents who had been transformed by the labyrinth, Maureen coordinated the creation of an 13-circuit labyrinth on the grounds of Roselle Catholic High School – brick by 8,000 brick.

“The labyrinth,” Maureen explains, “ is a meaningful experience for everyone. Especially now, in this age of constant distraction, the labyrinth walk is a time of quiet and peace. In this age of selfies, the labyrinth provides a time and occasion for genuine self-reflection — the kind that leads us out of ourselves to connect with one another. While walking the labyrinth, “stuff” is prayerfully brought out into the open and worked on. Transformation occurs. The labyrinth walk gives us the time and space to begin that process.”
Maureen offers the following meditation for walking the labyrinth reminding us that the grace of the labyrinth experience lies very simply in the willingness to surprised.

A Labyrinth Reflection
The labyrinth journey can be thought of in four movements: Crossing the Threshold, Moving Inward, Resting in the Center, Returning to the World

Crossing the Threshold — entering Holy ground —the place of beginnings, new promise, new hope, filled with possibility.
We pray for courage as we take these first steps of our journey. We bid the Spirit to be with us as gather ourselves and are aware of who we are at this moment.

Moving Inward — opening up to possibility, letting thoughts and emotions flow freely as you navigate the long, smooth stretches around the labyrinth interrupted by twists and turns—as in life.
Give us stamina to maintain our energy and enthusiasm. Remind us that, although some times may be tough, the center is always there, waiting for us as are our companions who walk with us.

Resting in the Center— moving into the fertile darkness. The dark times of winter drive us indoors and invite us to rest in the quiet places of our spirit to reflect and restore. This is a place of gestation and birth.
Give us peace in times of rest and renewal. Open our hearts to the pure intention of growth and rebirth.

Returning to the World – emerging back into the ordinary time of daily life. This is the time to let go of what no longer serves you and to bring a new awareness into the world.
Give us clarity to recognize and share the blessings of this journey. Nourish us for those final steps.


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