The Weavers are holistic practioners who interweave the threads of traditional religions, new spiritualities and wellness practices to create a beautifully woven, brilliantly coloured, multi-textured big tent to house the diverse communities of people seeking wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

There was a time, sometime ago, in the midst of experiencing a longing to be of Service, that I began to question my purpose. On the one hand, I was blessed with certain abilities and gifts. On the other hand, I had doubts about the value of what I had to offer.

I did what any self-respecting Shaman would do. I acknowledged that my questions were a beckoning. I got my drum off the wall and Journeyed. In asking Source for answers, I was taken deep into a beautiful forest. Standing next to a rapid flowing cascade, I heard the laughing invitation of the gurgling waters to step into them. My attention was directed to a pathway of flat stones spaced across the water from bank to bank. The message was that my purpose in Service was similar to one of those flat stones … to simply be a Touch Stone for anyone who might wish to accept the waters invitation to step in and explore the flow of their life.

The Touch Stones delivered me to the “other side” of my life where I share what I love. Play Crystal Bowls, Drum, Chant, touch people gently to help relieve dis-ease.

My gift to you, in gratitude for my Journey, is to simply be a Touch Stone here to steady your feet on your Journey … What happens to you in a Session of bowls, drumming or chanting, either public or private, is your Journey.

Maria Theresa Many Voices